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I am pleased to report that I am impressed by the observations that I have made following the Dust Mite eliminator’s (DME-100U) applications in 2 ways: to help eliminate dust mites to, which I am normally extremely sensitive and prone to dust mite asthma allergy from stored clothing and my sleeping pillow.

I placed the Dust Mite eliminator unit under my pillow each morning, turned it on and left it there until the evening. Within 2 days, I noticed a marked reduction in the allergic symptoms similar to the relief I had received from the daily Zyrtec tablet. I continued the daily use of the dust mite eliminator for 10 days and found that it helped reduce my overnight allergy to dust mites (John)………..

I used the Dust mite eliminator (DME-100U) for the period of a month as a trial. I previously had dust mite allergy and I enrolled in this new research trial program in which Dust mite eliminator is given for a limited time to trial with. I do not have a family history of dust mites allergies or pets at home, but I have been allergic to dust mites. My sneezing at night drastically reduced with Dust mite eliminator (DME-100U) provided by K-HART International. I recommend this product…(Nishan)…………..

I am so pleased to be a part of Dust mite allergy eliminator trial group which significantly reduced my night sneezing and wheezing using the Dust mite Eliminator (DME-100U).This gives me a big relief as I previously used various medicines to overcome my allergy problems related to dust mites…(Matthews)……………..

I have participated in the Dust Mite eliminator trial program at Hills Doctors. I am allergic to Dust mites, grass, and pollen. I used the Dust mite eliminator (DME 100U) close to my pillow and also I used it for vacuuming my room. I have found that my sneezing and wheezing at night were more reduced than when compared to medicine that I had previously bought. I bought this eliminator as it is chemical free, and safe. I recommend to … (Reyes)...………..

I have used new dust mite eliminator product for a few weeks on a trial basis. This helped me to reduce my wheezing problem significantly. I am allergic to Dust mites and cockroaches…(Tori)…..………..

I used the Dust mite eliminator for few weeks given by Hills Doctors to see whether I will improve my allergies such as sneezing, wheezing, skin rashes. 

I am pleased to inform that sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, and headaches all reduced markedly. This product is chemical free. It is a very good plus for me as I do not like chemicals. (Roberts)……. ………..

We have pets and one of our dogs was scratching continuously and had to be placed on cortisone by the vet. He reacted badly to the medication and a friend suggested the dust mite eliminator. After receiving the gadgets (3) we have placed them around our home mostly near or on our pets bedding and the itching has stopped. Thank you! ( Lucy)


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